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If the visitor comes from a known search engine, the widget grabs the used search query and shows internal blog posts that match that query. The widget aim is trying to reduce the bounce rate of your blog and provide the visitor a better navigation experience. When a visitor lands on your site from a search engine result page, he is in need of a certain information / service your page might satisfy. It often happens the visitor go away just after reading that page, for various reasons. Why not to try suggesting him more posts on the topic he is interested in at that moment, so that he might visit more pages? The Search Engine Query in WordPress widget grabs the query the visitor used on the search engine, executes it in the blog search and displays results, suggesting the visitor further reading about what he is actually looking for. If the visitor does not come from a search engine and the current page is the single post template, the widget can di

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10 websites use the WordPress Search Engine query in WordPress plugin