Responsive Social Sidebar Share WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: Responsive Social Sidebar Share  

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This is a very basic plugin that will add a floating social sidebar to your posts/pages which is responsive for smaller resolutions. This plugin will add a sidebar to your post/page which will float with the content making it easier for people to share it or like it whenever they feel like doing so. This social bar is responsive in nature and it comes under the title by defaults for smaller resolutions where it cannot fit to the left of the content making it highly usable for people who have thier users on all the resolutions. You have options for facebook like, facebook share, twitter, stumble, pinterest, digg and share by email option. You can disable any of those options in the back end. You can also decide if you want it for pages or posts or both. Plugin also allows you set the default position under the title if you want to. Short code option also available if you want to give those options to the users wherever you want them in your content. Read more instructions about how to use here

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24 websites use the WordPress Responsive Social Sidebar Share plugin