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A WordPress plugin that helps you create responsive and mobile-friendly tooltip to present tiny amount of hidden content - the tip. tooltips are used to present a tiny amount of hidden content (mainly explanatory, so-called tips), that pops up when user moves a cursor over or clicks (less common) on a special target. Key Features It's responsive. It relies on a maximum width value when viewed on large screens, adopts to narrow environments and picks the best viewable position relatively to the target (top, bottom; left, center, right). It's mobile-friendly. It pops up when a call-to-action button is tapped and disappears when tapped on the tooltip itself. It's HTML formatting capable. Need to write some words in italic or so? No problem, this will work out. It's extremely easy to use: A tooltip button in added to the default WordPress editor, all you have to do it click it and fill the pop-up dialog, the rest is taken care of automatically. Advance

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192 websites use the WordPress Responsive Mobile-Friendly Tooltip plugin