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Get the real Bounce Rate and Time On Site in Google Analytics. Simple and effective. Get the real Time On Site and Bounce Rate in Google Analytics. Google Analytics calculates the Time On Site based on the length of time between a user entering your site and their last page view. This won't give you the REAL Time on Site and Bounce Rate stats. FEATURES Compatible with Google Analytics by Yoast Old and new tracking codes are supported Code placement choice between header and footer Track what percentage of a page has been scrolled Change time event frequency Set maximum tracking time Disable for administrator role Worst case scenario A visitor is very interested in one of your pages and takes 2 minutes and 13 seconds to read the article. After this he bookmarks the page and leaves. This visitor stayed 2 minutes and 13 seconds on your page, but never interacted

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1 146 websites use the WordPress Reduce Bounce Rate plugin