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Read Offline allows you to download or print posts and pages. You can download the posts as PDF, ePub or mobi NOTE This is still a beta version Features Add download links to the top and bottom of a post or page (configurable in Read Offline->General Options) You can download a PDF, ePub or mobi file containing the current post or page, or you can print the post / page. The download filename is based on the posts slug ($post->post_name) Adds meta data to the file Title, Author, Date, Copyright message etc. PDF features (set in Read Offline->PDF) Paper formats (A0 - A10, B0 - B10, C0 - C10, 4A0, 2A0, RA0 - RA4, SRA0 - SRA4, Letter, Legal, Executive, Folio, Demy and Royal) Table of Contents Cover Page Header and Footer Theme or Custom CSS Watermark Protection ePub (set in Read Offline->ePub)

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38 websites use the WordPress Read Offline plugin