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Print posts and pages easily. Plugin adds a print button to posts and allows a shortcode to be used on pages. Customize the button to your theme. Printer Friendly Strips theme styling from post and page content while retaining any plugin CSS to allow Shortcode content to be printed as it's displayed. This is to save printer ink and only print the post content in a user friendly way. Printing Posts After installing the plugin simply go to the setting page and tick the active box. This will add the print icon to all posts, allowing for a very quick installation. Configure the color and sizing options to get the print icon and text looking as you want it to. Now when someone clicks the print button it'll open a print dialog to allow the post to be printed. To disable the print button on specific posts, simply find the post and edit it. In the post edit screen there will be a new box added to the bottom right of the page to disable the print icon for this pos

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178 websites use the WordPress Print Post and Page plugin