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WordPress prettyPhoto is a jQuery lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also support for videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and ajax. It’s a full blown media lightbox. It is very easy to setup, yet very flexible if you want to customize it a bit. Plus the script is compatible in every major browser, even IE6. For a installation guide checkout the Installation tab above. Usage Guide: It's very easy to implement. Just use a rel="prettyPhoto" attribute with the link tags you want to pop up and that's all. You're ready to rock. Example: <a href="images.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto" title="This is the description"><img src="thumbnail.jpg" width="60" height="60" alt="This is the title" /></a> A set of short codes to use with visual editor of post/page is being cooked. Make sure that your theme is WordPress header and footer tag enabled otherwise this plugin won't work.

547 websites use the WordPress WordPress prettyPhoto plugin