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Adds shortcodes to display the content of a post or a list of posts. This plugin adds two shortcodes that allow you to display either the content of a post or a list of posts within the content area of a post. This plugin should be fully compatible with all post types, as it simply uses the get_post() and get_posts() WordPress functions. Post Content The first shortcode is the [post-content] shortcode. Using that shortcode will allow you to display the content of one post within another post. This shortcode requires a single attribute with a key of "id". To use this shortcode to display the content of a post or page with an ID of 25, you would use this shortcode like [post-content id=25]. This shortcode also accepts the following optional arguments: post_name => null - The slug of the post that you want to pull. This can be used in place of the i

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