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Awesome free JavaScript gallery. BMo-Design's Mootools Javascript ScrollGallery as a Plugin for the WordPress NextGEN Gallery. Nextgen Scroll Gallery: A WordPress Plugin that allows you to use the awesome Mootools ScrollGallery from BMo-design on your NextGen-Gallery galleries. If you want to to use this Plugin on your blog, you need to use the very cool WordPress gallery manager: NextGen Gallery. So install the NextGENeration Gallery Plugin and upload some pictures. Copy the '[scrollGallery id=xxx]' tag in your post an replace 'xxx' with the NextGEN Gallery id, for example with 1. After the installation, you will find an admin interface, with which you can adjust the plugin settings. This gallery do not use flash, so no extra browser plugin is required and search engines can crawl your content easily. If you have some questions or you need instru

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380 websites use the WordPress NextGEN Scroll Gallery plugin