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A Photo Gallery for WordPress providing NextGEN legacy compatibility from version 1.9.13 1.9.31 - 2016-09-05 Fixes for 1.9.30 What's in it for you? Added more help documentation Fix Add new page button Style improvement Enable different size thumbnails only if the option is set Wrong url fixed Updated cropper library to the latest version Fixed few things now working with several PHP versions. Few css fixes Update setting(s) class(es) Several fixes ** All credits for Niko Strijbol ** VERY IMPORTANT: Read ON! NextCellent Gallery provides backward compatibility for older NextGEN until version 1.9.13 . this plugin will gracefully deactivate if detects NextGEN is working (any version) to avoid compatibility issues. Please remember to READ THE FAQ!!! Issues for failin

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829 websites use the WordPress NextCellent Gallery - NextGEN Legacy plugin