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Single and multi-level menus for your WordPress site, styled with customizable menu templates. With Menubar you can easily build and manage single and multi-level menus for your WordPress site. Build your menus selecting item types among Home, FrontPage, Heading, Tag, TagList, Category, CategoryTree, Page, PageTree, Post, SearchBox, External, PHP, Custom, in any combination Display a menu inserting in your theme, e.g. at the end of header.php, the line <?php do_action ('wp_menubar', 'your_menu_name_here'); ?> Use the Menubar widget to display your menus in a widget ready area or sidebar To style your menus, select one of the default Menubar templates, customize your selected template, or use the CSS from your theme Customized Menubar templates can be moved into an independent folder, so you can upgrade to a new Menubar version without losing your chang

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129 websites use the WordPress Menubar plugin