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The ldd directory lite plugin allows you to add a powerful directory listing of local businesses or other organizations to your WordPress web site. The ldd directory lite plugin is the best way to add a powerful, fully functional and free custom directory to your WordPress powered web site. Within minutes you can install and configure ldd directory lite and start accepting submissions, or populating the content with your own listings. This is the best and easiest way to start any kind of directory you can think of, be it of local businesses (restaurants, coffee shops, craft stores, etc), or any other type of organization you would like to build around. The Directory is extremely user friendly, ready to go pretty much out of the box. One of our primary focuses is ensuring that it integrates with almost any theme, anywhere, anytime, and we have utilized the power of Bootstrap to ensure that the Directory is 100% mobile ready and responsive. It won't break all that hard work you've put into making sure your site work

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26 websites use the WordPress LDD Directory Lite plugin