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Simple widgetized display of the latest posts in your custom post type. Also allows for easy filtered display of regular posts in a widget. Simplicity at its finest! This simple plugin adds a widget that allows for the display of recent posts in any custom post type. It functions almost identically to the built-in WordPress "Recent Posts" widget with the added option of letting you choose which post type it pulls from. Just add the "Latest Custom Post Type" widget to a widget area, give it a title, how many posts to show and what post type you want it to pull from. It's that easy! Advanced Options While this plugin allows for quick and easy use, there are also LOADS of advanced features that site owners, designers, and developers will all enjoy. Change how the posts are pulled (e.g. Publish date, modified date, meta keys) Change how they are displayed (e.g. Pull by modified date, but show in alphabetical order) Define custom text for when there are no posts to sh

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270 websites use the WordPress Latest Custom Post Type Updates plugin