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Adds Colorbox/Lightbox functionality to images, grouped by post or page. Works for WordPress and NextGEN galleries. Comes with different themes. A Colorbox/Lightbox plugin for WordPress. jQuery Colorbox features 11 themes from which you can choose. See my website. Works out-of-the-box with WordPress Galleries and NextGEN Gallery! (choose no effect in NextGEN settings) When adding an image to a post or page, usually a thumbnail is inserted and linked to the image in original size. All images in posts and pages can be displayed in a Lightbox/colorbox when the thumbnail is clicked. Images are grouped as galleries when linked in the same post or page. Groups can be displayed in a slideshow within the Lightbox/colorbox. Individual images can be excluded by adding a special CSS class. jQuery Colorbox can al

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640 websites use the WordPress JQuery Colorbox plugin