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Show eye catching totals with static or animated counter widgets and shortcodes. Classic retro odometer style or easy customise your own custom look. The Jellyfish Counter plugin provides a widget and shortcode enabling you to easily add animated counters to your WordPress site. Counters can be used as a manually updated total, an automatic counter that updates over time or just as an animated visual effect. Each counter can count upwards or downwards making them suitable for both incrementing totals or countdown situations. A great visual effect for travel blogs or any website that wants to display a running total or countdown of anything. Jellyfish Counters are highly configurable through the widget interface, and being generated using CSS and JavaScript, they require no external graphics files. You may have as many counters as you wish on a page, all can have individual settings for totals and appearance. Shortcode support allows you to generate a counter directly within any post or page content making

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378 websites use the WordPress Jellyfish Counter Widget plugin