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J Shortcodes plugin offers collection of useful shortcodes to compliment and enrich any wordpress theme, blog and website. J Shortcodes allows you to add custom buttons, content boxes, tabs and accordion panels, build call to action and information boxes. You can choose color, size and shape for any of these elements. J Shortcodes also gives you the power to define custom column layouts within any page, post or even text widget. Fly above restrictions and boundaries of the chosen theme. No more need to struggle with custom templates or PHP code. [jcolumns] shortcode allows you to define infinite number of columns with infinite combination of custom widths for each column. Define number of columns and their widths in percentages or relative size with one simple model="..." parameter. Let your creativity and visual presentation fly! Custom buttons are defined with [jbutton] ...[/jbutton] shortcode. Content boxes are defined with [jbox] ...[/jbox]

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1 599 websites use the WordPress J Shortcodes plugin