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Multiple, individual popups on any page each with their own unique shortcodes. This is a simple plugin designed to allow styled info-popups (or tooltips) to appear in response to a user mouse-over or click of a target element, using WordPress shortcodes. The shortcode for this plugin's operation is 'infopopup'. You may create as many popups and associated targets as you like, each distinguished by a unique 'tag'. A popup with the tag 'firstpopup' can be included in any page by using the plugin's shortcode with a 'tag' attribute: [infopopup tag=firstpopup] INSTRUCTIONS: To get started, enable the plugin and go to Settings > InfoPopup. You will see an empty table, where popups you create will be listed. Begin by clicking the 'Add new' button. Use the 'Create new InfoPopup' page to specify how your popup will work: Shortcode tag: This is how your popup is uniquely identified, and as

Configurable Popup, InfoPopup, Popup with Shortcodes, tooltip

176 websites use the WordPress Infopopup plugin