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Displays an unobtrusive cookie information bar when a user first visits the site. This plugin displays an unobtrusive information bar at the top of the page informing the user about the site's use of cookies. This approach follows an implied consent model. It doesn't explicitly ask the user for consent before placing cookies, it merely informs them about the use of cookies. When the user navigates to a second page or clicks on the dismiss button, the bar is hidden. This approach is similar to that used on many government websites including The plugin has settings in the admin which allows the colour and content of the information bar to be customised. An example cookie information page will be created on installation of the plugin. It is up to you to correctly populate the text on that page. Why another cookie plugin? There are many WordPress cookie plugins available but none of them seemed to do what I wanted. They typical

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162 websites use the WordPress Implied Cookie Consent plugin