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Frizzly allows you to add share buttons where you need them: over images, in post content or widget areas. If you use many different plugins to add social media share buttons to your website, most likely each plugin has its own images and your website looks inconsistent. Frizzly is here to fix that. Frizzly allows you to share your posts on three social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can easily choose on which pages the share buttons should show up and where they should be placed. Features: showing share icons when users hover over images (especially useful for blogs about cooking and fashion where people add a ton of great photos) show share buttons only on images of your choice by using classes or image size constraints lightbox to show your images in full size (images shown in lightbox also have share icons!) shortcodes - you can easily add share buttons before or after your posts or in any widget area your theme offers (t

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628 websites use the WordPress Frizzly plugin