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Freshdesk Official plugin is a seamless way to add your helpdesk account to your website. Supports various useful functions. Freshdesk Official plugin enables users to achieve three important functions: Avoid additional login to helpdesk if the user has already logged in to WP(Single Sign On). Effortlessly integrate the helpdesk' s feedback widget along with solutions search to his wordpress site. Allows the site admin to convert comments into helpdesk tickets. Adding the comment link to ticket description. Single Sign On: Users can now login to their helpdesk(freshdesk) support portal using WordPress authentication. The single sign on feature ensures that users who have already logged into their WordPress site can start working in their Freshdesk support portal as well without having to log in separately. Feedback Pop-up Widget: The plugin allows WordPress users to have a Freshdesk feedback widget embedded in their wordpress s

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101 websites use the WordPress Freshdesk Official plugin