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Embed video file in WordPress with Flowplayer 6 style. Embed self-hosted, external, HTML5 compatible responsive video in post/page with flowplayer. Flowplayer 6 Video Player adds a video shortcode to your WordPress site. This shortcode allows you to embed video files and play theme back using Flowplayer HTML5 player (version 6). Features Embed MP4 videos Embed webm videos Embed videos which can be viewed from a mobile or tablet device Video playback support for iOS (ipad, iphone) and android devices Embed HTML5 videos which are playable across all major browsers Embed videos with poster images Embed videos and allow it to loop to the beginning when finished Customize the video player using modifier classes Automatically play a video when the page is rendered Embed videos using three different skins Automatically calculate the height of the video based on its width Flexible resizing of videos (true responsiven

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104 websites use the WordPress Flowplayer 6 Video Player plugin