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Quickly and easily add Flickr galleries, photos, and even custom search results into your WordPress pages and posts. Using the "shortcodes" system in WordPress 2.5 and up, this plugin will allow you to quickly and easily incorporate your Flickr photos into your WordPress pages and posts. Features include: A quick gallery of your recent photos, photosets and most popular photos. Easy database caching (just click a checkbox) Displays the photos from one photoset Displays all of a user's photos with given tags Displays the results of a custom search Inserts a single photo into your content Embeds Flickr's flash movie player for videos Authenticate to display your private photos Lightbox script makes it easy to browse photos without leaving the page Plugin API to let sites configure the tabs in their gallery View photosets in the gallery mode without leaving the page Lightboxes are

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815 websites use the WordPress Flickr Gallery plugin