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Upload, manage, and display files from your server directories or page attachments in stylized lists or sortable data tables. Upload your files from the front-end using ajax. Manage them securely from the front-end with the file manager. Display them to your users in stylized lists or sortable data tables. Gather download statistics. Construct shortcodes manually or using a point and click UI. Easily create dynamic paths to show different content to different logged-in users. How To Add Tutorial Videos to Your Page Follow File Away on Twitter Click the link to follow File Away for info on upcoming releases, bugfixes: @fileawayplugin Features File Away is translation ready and available in multiple languages for front-end output.

AJAX, audio, custom css, directory, dynamic, encryption, file manager, Formidable, forms, lightbox, lists, monetize, shortcodes, statistics, tables, video

501 websites use the WordPress File Away plugin