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This plugin add a shortcode to display the list of attachments of a post, with icon and details. EG-Attachments is "TinyMCE integrated". EG-Attachments add a new shortcode attachements. This shortcode can be used with many options. But you don't need to know all of these options, because the plugin is "TinyMCE integrated" : from the post editor, just click on the EG-Attachments button, and a window allows you to choose documents to display, title of the list, size of icons ... Nothing to learn. You can insert the shortcode by hand if you want, or use it in a template using the do_shortcode function. An another way is to activate option auto shortcode that automaticaly adds the list of attachments, where you want in your posts or pages. The list includes, for each attachments: Icon, Title, Description, Caption, Type, Date, Size. Options are Icon size,

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355 websites use the WordPress EG-Attachments plugin