Easy Spoiler WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: Easy Spoiler  

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This plugin allows you to create a container for spoilers within pages, posts, comments, and widgets. Also supports spoiler groups. This plugin allows you to easily create spoilers with a shortcode. An attractive, animated container with a hint to its content and a show/hide button are created. Admin control panel allow you to tailor various aspects and colors of the spoiler. Toolbar buttons are (optionally) added to the HTML editor to make adding spoilers in your posts very easy. Just highlight the HTML you want hidden and click on 'spoiler'. Or, highlight a series of spoilers and click on 'spoiler group' for the grouping effect. You can put spoilers within pages posts comments widgets Note that if you use it within comments, it is smart enough to not expand embedded shortcodes as this would allow end-users posting comments to invoke any of your site's shortcodes. An administrator page allows you to configure various settings.

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779 websites use the WordPress Easy Spoiler plugin