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Easily add social sharing buttons to your posts and images without slowing down your site with unnecessary javascript and image files. Add social sharing buttons to your posts without slowing your website down. Default sharing buttons provided by Facebook and other sites require that your users download many additional javascript, css, and image files. Every additional download increase your sites page loading time. A slow website can lose visitors and lower your Google page rank. This plugin's sharing buttons require no images or font icon files to download, no external javascript, and only an optional 4kb CSS file. Add buttons to share your posts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Email. Automatically display buttons in the header or footer of your posts, or use shortcodes for including them within your content or template files. Select between two styles: either minimal icon buttons, or share buttons with added share count. Show the number of times the post has been shar

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2 976 websites use the WordPress Easy Social Share Buttons plugin