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Dynamic Headers does just what you think it would based on the name - it allows you to create highly dynamic header space on your WordPress site. Dynamic headers fills a void that has been present for a while in WordPress. It is a small, easy to use plugin that allows you to manage what header media is shown on each page/post. Unlike some other plugins however, this plugin allows you to use any image file OR a .swf Flash file. So you are no longer limited to a certain media type for your headers and you are no longer limited to one site-wide header. Enjoy. Features: Set different headers for each page and post. Use different media types on each page (image files, flash files). Cross browser compliant embed code automatically generated. Can set default header for pages/posts without set header image. Fails gracefully if no header media present for current page. Random media for individual pages/posts and default media. Alt / Title tag ma

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