Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box WordPress Plugin

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Scroll Triggered Box will boost your conversion rates! The plugin displays a pop-up box with customizable content. Drawing your visitor's attenti If there’s anything that can be called the silver bullet in getting people to take action then this is it! Scroll triggered box has consistently increased conversions rate by several times. Newsletter sign-up, Facebook like button, social bookmarking or something else you want to draw attention to after people have engaged with your website. Scroll triggered box will increase the conversion rate many times over. The box is designed to get the attention of the visitors who have engaged with your site. The box triggers on certain event you specify, such as percentage of scroll, reaching an end of the post or comments. This verifies that visitors are engaged with the content and presenting them with a call-to-action. For up to date information about future plans check our plugin page at dreamgrow.

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1 428 websites use the WordPress Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box plugin