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Disqus has dropped support for their recent comments widget. This plugin creates a configurable widget that will display your latest Disqus comments. The Disqus Recent Comments Widget plugin will create a configurable widget that will allow you to display comments in any widgetized area of your theme like sidebars and footers. You can customize the comment length and date format, filter users and choose from three different markup templates, among other things. The plugin has full support for custom markup defined with register_sidebars() and should integrate smoothly with most themes in the wp.org repository. We try to be very proactive and responsive with support. So, if you have any issues, please post in the support forums and we'll do our best to resolve your issue promptly. You can follow development here: https://github.com/andrewbartel/Disqus_Recent_Comments

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463 websites use the WordPress Disqus Recent Comments Widget plugin