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Write custom code for php, html, javascript or css and insert in to your theme using shortcode, actions or filters. Custom CSS-JS-PHP is a very innovative idea to keep seperate your custom code from plugins & themes so you can upgrade your plugins & themes without losing any change. You can define CSS,JS or PHP code and can apply using shortcode,actions or filters. Now it's super easy to execute your PHP code anywhere on your wordpress site e.g within pages/posts or custom post types. You need not write a plugin to integrate additional functionality using actions or filters. Features Implement CSS code using Shortcode Implement CSS code using wp_head() Implement CSS code using wp_footer() Implement JAVASCRIPT code using Shortcode Implement JAVASCRIPT code using wp_head() Implement JAVASCRIPT code using wp_footer() Implement PHP code using Shortcode Implement PHP code using actions supported by wor

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134 websites use the WordPress Custom css-js-php plugin