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A cleaner WordPress [gallery] that integrates with multiple Lightbox-type scripts. This plugin was written to take care of the invalid HTML that WordPress produces when using the [gallery] shortcode. It does a bit more than that though. It will integrate with many Lightbox-type scripts and allow you to do much cooler things with your galleries. Plus, it has a couple of extra options that you can play around with. Features Uses HTML5 <fig> and <figcaption> elements. Integrates with microdata. Uses the aria-describedby attribute to make images + captions more accessible to users with disabilities. Validates the invalid code that WordPress spits out. Several options on how you want your gallery images. Allows multiple galleries in a single post. Ability to set th

fancybox, gallery, html5, images, jquery, lightbox, shadowbox, slimbox, thickbox

2 490 websites use the WordPress Cleaner Gallery plugin