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A WordPress plugin to automatically load either the modal or the banner Cat Signal when there is an active campaign from the Internet Defense League. The Internet Defense League is an online activist group organized to defend your online freedoms. When a bill is threatening to pass that would inhibit the way you live your online life, they put up the Cat Signal, a way to collectively black out or put notices on a large number of websites simultaneously. This plugin adds the javascript for the Cat Signal to your site so you don't need to mess with the code. It's enqueued like any other javascript file and has an options page to select either the banner or the modal window option. The current action centers around the Internet Slowdown campaign, to protest against cable companies that want to inhibit your browsing experience by enabling a "fast-lane" where service providers (like YouTube and Netflix) get priority access to faster speeds for a fee. Learn more on the

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176 websites use the WordPress Internet Defense League Cat Signal plugin