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Captcha Bank is an easy to use wordpress security plugin to prevent spam on your site while letting real people pass through with ease. It's more Captcha Bank = Tough on Bots, Easy on Humans WP Captcha Bank - Best Captcha Plugin is a powerful WordPress shield which allows you to protect your WordPress website from SPAM. You can display Captcha on Login Form, Registration Form, Comment Form, Admin Comment form, Contact Bank Form and Hide Captcha for registered users easily. Captcha Bank is loaded with more than 50+ settings including advance protection features such as Login Logs, Auto IP Block, Security Protections and much more. Captcha Bank, a bullet proof captcha validator allows you to display captcha in different formats such as alphabets, digits or both. Its an advance protection shield that protects your website from s

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202 websites use the WordPress Captcha Bank - Solid Security & Advanced Protection plugin