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Theme Used on: 142 websites Affiliates : add a customized searchbox to your wordpress site in 2 clicks. Affiliates, this plugin allows you to add a typical booking module on any wordpress site. Simply configure what you want the searchbox to look like and generate traffic to your affiliate pages. Create your search box All you need is a affiliate ID and a wordpress site. Configure your ideal search box and the plugin will take care of the rest. The code is 100% compliant with the official settings & parameters as per the documentation and example. No need to learn and digest, it's all done for you and only a couple of clicks away. Display your box where you need it With the new plugin architecture, you can now leverage the flexibility of the shortcodes to display your search box in your posts, in your pages or on your widgetized areas (sidebar, footer). It also features a "careful" mode

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142 websites use the WordPress Affiliate plugin plugin