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BlockAlyzer counts how many of your visitors are using an ad blocker. You might use this to estimate the impact of adblock add-ons on your income from advertisement. compare your data with others It is already nice to know your own data. But to get the idea of how bad you are affected, I added a benchmark feature to compare your data with the data from other sites with the same language and topic. The benchmark feature is completely voluntarily. No data will be send without you knowing. these numbers are included total page views total unique visitors relative and absolute number of page views with ad blocker enabled relative and absolute number of unique visitors with ad block enabled The benchmark feature will show you the share of visitors with adblock from other sites in your language and with a similar topic. other features desktop widget localization English, German (please contact me before sending a translation) further instructions Developers can use BlockAlyzer’s adblock detection for their own purposes from this tutorial. Please find further instructions on the BlockAlyzer homepage

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334 websites use the WordPress BlockAlyzer - Adblock counter plugin