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This plugin will allow for yearly archives of specific categories from all post types and "Posts". AW WordPress Yearly Category Archives has two (2) shortcodes available, both of which are required for the plugin to function properly. Follow the instructions below to use the plugin. The first shortcode is [aw_year_links cat="X" postslug="slug-to-post-or-page"], which is used to build and display the year links. The following list explains this shortcode's usage and requirements. This shortcode has two (3) attributes. Two (2) are required, and one (1) is optional. The cat="X" attribute is the category ID you wish to display yearly links from. Replace the X with the numerical ID of the category you wish to query. You may include a comma separated list of category IDs with this attribute if you want to query multiple categories. This attribute is required. The

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95 websites use the WordPress AW WordPress Yearly Category Archives plugin