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Auto SyntaxHighlighter is a WordPress Code highlight plugin. Use editor botton, in the pop-up window, paste or write your code, oh, very simple. Auto SyntaxHighlighter is a WordPress Code highlight plugin. It's used alexgorbatchev SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript package. Autoload SyntaxHighlighter only requisite js files and display you code. Github address: Support languages see: SyntaxHighlighter Brushes. Full Support for : AppleScript, ActionScript3, Bash/shell, C#, C++, CSS, Delphi, Diff, Groovy, JavaScript, Java, Perl, PHP, Plain Text, Python, Ruby, Sass, Scala, SQL, Visual Basic and XML/HTML... It's advantages: Don't write database; Don't need settings; Deactivate plugin code can also display properly; Code can switch visual editing mode or HTML mode; With the w3c standards; Insert code small tools

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137 websites use the WordPress Auto SyntaxHighlighter plugin