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Makes it easy to set up Google Authorship and build your brand in Google search results for single and multi-author sites Makes it easier to get Google Authorship Verification Uses rel=author, rel=me and rel=publisher links to connect your posts, archives, authors pages, Google Plus profiles and Google Plus pages. Works on single and multiple author sites Supports several ways to link your posts/pages to your author pages: byline, footnote, author box or menu link. Helps you set up your archive pages for Google authorship verification Allows you to add a title, short or extended bio and sub-headings to your author pages Creates links from your site's author pages to the authors' Google Plus Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Skype as well as Google+ Creates a link from your home page to your Google Plus Page for your product, brand or organization Allows you to control whether your rich snippets sh

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1 815 websites use the WordPress AuthorSure plugin