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Authorizer limits login attempts, restricts access to specified users, and authenticates against external sources (e.g., Google, LDAP, or CAS). Authorizer restricts access to a WordPress site to specific users, typically students enrolled in a university course. It maintains a list of approved users that you can edit to determine who has access. It also replaces the default WordPress login/authorization system with one relying on an external server, such as Google, CAS, or LDAP. Finally, Authorizer lets you limit invalid login attempts to prevent bots from compromising your users' accounts. Authorizer requires the following: CAS server (2.x, 3.x, or 4.x) or LDAP server (plugin needs the URL) PHP extentions: php5-mcrypt, php5-ldap, php5-curl Authorizer provides the following options: Authentication: WordPress accounts; Google accounts; CAS accounts; LDAP accounts Lo

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30 websites use the WordPress Authorizer plugin