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User listings, member directories, search, filter, export. Digs deep into data created by other plugins to produce unified user listings. List, sort, filter almost any user data stored in the user meta. Use hooks and add-ons to extract user data stored in other tables and present it as though it were user meta. Helps developers to analyse, slice and dice user data without coding a whole application. Helps non-coders pull together various plugins and present member data cleanly for small to medium sites. NB See note about larger sites below. Has ability to include, exclude and sort user data generated by a variety of other plugins who may NOT be using wordpress user meta as they should, thus making it hard to query their data. Features: Highly configurable user listings by meta keys and values, as well as additional computed fields, comment count and post count. User search, bulk actions like delete, configurable action links, display, inclusion, exclusion, sorting configu

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