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Add formatted Amazon Products to any page or post by using Amazon ASIN. Great for monetizing your site. Uses Amazon Product Advertising Keys (FREE) Amazon's Product Advertising API Terms of Use requires you have an AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key of your own to use. See Plugin FAQs for links to sign up. Amazon Product In a Post Plugin is used to to quickly add a formatted Amazon Product/Item to a post or page by using just the Amazon product ASIN. ** NEW Features in 3.6.2 ** * In verison 3.6.2, there is a more robust caching system and there is no longer a limit of 10 ASINs per shortcode or porduct page. There is now an option to use 'add to cart URL' so you can take advantage of the 90 day cookie. * In addition, when adding a new 'Amazon Post', you can add multiple ASINs and 'split' them into separate posts/pages with one submission (no need to add separate products). * Keep in mind that the more products you add, the more overhead there is for requests, but the new chacing system tries t

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