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A facebook like ajaxy live search for wordpress, this plugin uses the same functionality as facebook to retrieve the results from your blog. this plugin is a an ajax live search that uses the same theme as facebook search, it uses ajax and jQuery to get results from php 2 themes have been added one light and one dark to fit most blogs need and i am also available to customize each theme to suit your blog theme this plugin can search categories, post tags, post types and supports wp-ecommerce plugin and more to go this plugin was a scratch when i created it, Now it is competing with the best wordpress live search plugins out there, it is now supporting all customization offered by the best live search plugins for wordpress the installation can be a little tricky though, "Best things doesn't always come the easy way", but i am ready to help out... please send me an email or leave me a message at ajaxy.org...

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1 219 websites use the WordPress Ajaxy Live Search plugin