Add Link to Copied Text WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: Add Link to Copied Text  

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Add a link to the page/website when users copy & paste text from your website or stop users from copying content. Add Link to Copied Text plugin is capable to add a link to the page along with your desirous setting whenever a user copy content from the website. Alternatively you can also stop visitor to copy your content or replace copied text with your custom text. You can visit our Add Link to Copied Text page to check available options with this powerful plugin. We have tested this plugin with all major browsers including chrome, firefox, opera, safari and IE version 7 to 11. The plugin is available in the following languages: English Spanish If you have a translation please send it us and we would be glad to include it for everyone to use! Don't forget to refresh the page before you copy content to see it in action after making an

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175 websites use the WordPress Add Link to Copied Text plugin