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Detect Adblock and nofity users. Simple plugin with get around options and a lot of settings. Dashboard widget with counter & statistics included! Adblock Notify has been blacklisted by adblocker softwares but it is still working properly with the "Random selectors and files" option. Make sure to disable your adblocker to view screenshots in and in your admin area to view all the plugin's options fields and the dashboard widget. Detect Adblock and nofity users. Help to block adblock (eg: Adblock Plus) and increase your ad revenue. Adblock Notify is a very easy to use plugin with get around options and a lot of settings. A smart dashboard widget with counter & statistics is included! Can I stop adblocker users? NO! This plugin does not completly block adblocker users, it only uses a passive approach, and it will always be that way. Plugin Capabilities Detect adBlocker (eg Adblock Plus) Random selectors and files name

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186 websites use the WordPress Adblock Notify by b*web plugin