Ad Blocking Advisor WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: Ad Blocking Advisor  

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Add a simple and elegant banner that will display to visitors who have ad blocking software installed, advising them to white list your site. Ad Blocking Advisor adds a simple and elegant notification bar to your website that only displays to those visitors who are using ad blocking software with their browsers. The purpose of the notification is to ask (or advise) your visitors to whitelist your website. Whitelisting means your ads are displayed, and that's more revenue to keep you motivated to create more content! What makes Ad Blocking Advisor different is that it is not limited to just one popular ad provider. In fact, the plugin inserts a transparent 1 pixel image in the footer of your site. You'll never see it! But the containing Div is named a very common name that ad blockers trigger off of. When that 1 pixel image gets hidden by ad blockers, then the plugin will display the banner asking (advising) them to whitelist your site! Features: Quickly change the text that's displayed in the n

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81 websites use the WordPress Ad Blocking Advisor plugin