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Allows you to create a custom login and registration page or login and registration modals. Complete with AJAX verification and Facebook login support With ZM Ajax Login & Register, you can create a custom login and registration page. No need for any custom post types, just create a normal WordPress page, add your own custom logo, text, and use the following shortcode [ajax_login], [ajax_register]. From the settings you can assign login and register modal boxes to menu items, and add a redirect URL. By assigning the login and register modals to menu items users will be able to click menu items, will display a single login or register form in a modal without any post content. Once the users login they can be redirected to a custom page, for example: "dashboard", or "welcome". Now your visitors can login or register from the page you've set-up. Each form has pre-set styling options and uses AJAX. From the settings you can choose either; stacked (default) or wide styling. Additional

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319 websites use the WordPress ZM Ajax Login & Register plugin