WP-Mobilizer WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: WP-Mobilizer  

Theme Used on: 33 websites

WP-Mobilizer detects over 5,000 mobile devices and displays. You choose the theme you want for devices. Usefull for switch to Mobile Theme. Mobilize your WordPress! Automatically detects all the Mobile Browsers (more than 5,000+) and loads the theme as per your settings done in admin. Iphone / Ipod Ipad Android Windows Mobile Windows Phone 8 Blackberry Parm Os Opera Mini Others Mobile/Non-Mobile Browsers (more than 5,000+) You can select a different theme for each mobile/non-mobile browser. WP-Mobilizer plugin also includes an installer that will configure everything automatically. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin. Automatic detection of mobile/non-mobile devices. Differentiates between standard mobile devices and advanced mobile devices. Detects more than 5000+ devices. This plugin uses the Mobile


33 websites use the WordPress WP-Mobilizer plugin