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Defer the loading of all JavaScripts added with `wp_enqueue_script()`, using LABJS (an asynchronous javascript library). This plugin defer the loading of all JavaScripts added by the way of wp_enqueue_script(), using LABJS. The result is a significant optimization of loading time. It is compatible with all WordPress JavaScript functions (wp_localize_script(), js in header, in footer...) and works with all well coded plugins. If a plugin or a theme is not properly enqueuing scripts, your site may not work. Check this page: Function Reference/wp_enqueue_script on WordPress Codex. LABjs (Loading And Blocking JavaScript) is an open-source (MIT license) project supported by Getify Solutions. We performed a range of tests to determine the potential benefit of loading time. On

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619 websites use the WordPress WP Deferred JavaScripts plugin