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Theme Name: wp-comment-master

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Are you looking for a real AJAX comment posting plugin? Are you seeking for a better solution to present the long-list comments to your site visitors? Then this plugin is for you. WP-comment-master is developed mainly in jQuery to enhance the experience of commenting for your site visitors. it has two main features:AJAX comment posting and comment pagination. the AJAX comment posting enables the commenters to post and view the comment instantly without refreshing the page, while the comment pagination paginates all comments into pages with a well presented and structured navigation. if you does not need either of these two features, you can simply disable it. Something to note: SEO:pagination still enables your comment to be indexed by Search Engine Crawler Minimize Dom traversal to optimize the performance(this is crucial when you use many plugins) Compatible up to the newest verson Tested with many themes and in all major browsers Custom settings eanbled Please note that this plugin should work with most wordpress themes, but may not work with some themes due to your different theme css construct, in this case, you can leave a comment to me and I will help you get it to work. See it in action here

129 websites use the WordPress Wp-comment-master plugin