WP Advertize It WordPress Plugin

Theme Name: WP Advertize It  

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Easily insert as many ads as you want anywhere on your website: in posts, pages and in the sidebar. This plugin provides allows you to easily insert ads anywhere on your website. You can define ad blocks containing ads from Google Adsense, Amazon, Commissure Junction... The plugin also support you by selling your Ad Blocks directly to your visitors. NEW in v1.0: Time rotation for Ad Blocks and AngularJS Admin UI! Enabling advertizing on your website is as easy as: Defining a few ad blocks copy&pasting code from Google, Amazon, CJ... Selecting for each of the predefined positions which ad block should be shown. Setting options where ads should be suppressed. Sell your placements directly from your site: define "Self promotion" HTML displayed in rotation with other Ad Blocks after a block is sold, put the Ad code to "Sold Ad" field. Other Ads for the block will be disabled automatically Th

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175 websites use the WordPress WP Advertize It plugin